About Us

Natural Origin Laboratory develops, manufacture and market an extensive range of natural household cleaning and personal care products.

We are dedicated to bring you only the best in natural and Earth friendly products, made exclusively from the finest, all-natural ingredients and developed cruelty-free

We develop safe and effective natural products. Our products are 100% toxic chemical free and biodegradable; our packaging is easily recyclable and made with recycled materials when possible.

We abide by regulatory requirements.

We do not test our products on animals.


Our Objective

  • Our prime objective is to promote natural & earth friendly products
  • To provide affordable and quality products
  • To provide value products
  • To promote ethical business practices
  • To be socially responsible to promote charity and goodwill


  • Our commitment to quality and our experience in processing natural substances for product manufacturing has established our position as a trusted company.
  • Natural Origin takes great care in ensuring only the highest quality materials and environmentally friendly manufacturing processes are utilized.

Research & Development

  • Research is integral in assuring the quality of all products marketed by Natural Origin.
  • Natural Origin’s unique set of competencies combines science and processing expertise, enabling us to offer unparalleled service and creative product solutions.

Our Commitment

Our products are developed with the well-being of the consumers in mind. Our products do not contain the following chemicals commonly used in household products and cosmetics.

  • NO toxic petrochemicals
  • NO optical whiteners and bleach
  • NO phosphates and silicates
  • NO synthetic preservatives, perfumes or colouring
  • NO chlorine
  • NO ammonia
  • NO LABS, SLS and Betaines
  • NO harmful acids and alkalis
  • NO parabens, triclosan
  • NO formaldehyde